The Trump Effect: 15 Detailed Examples of How Trump’s Actions Have Left a Trail of Dumpster Fires, Hurting Those in His Orbit

Carter W.
3 min readOct 3, 2023

Donald Trump’s life and career have been characterized by controversy and a recurring pattern where everything he touches seems to turn into a metaphorical dumpster fire. This article will delve into 15 detailed examples of how Trump’s actions have had detrimental consequences for those who work for him or are associated with him, ranging from lawsuits and bankruptcies to firings and political controversies.

Trump University Lawsuits: Trump University, founded by Donald Trump, faced three lawsuits alleging fraudulent practices. Trump settled these lawsuits for $25 million, leaving students and investors who believed in the venture disillusioned and financially damaged.

Trump Taj Mahal Bankruptcy: The Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City filed for bankruptcy not once, but twice, in 1991 and 2016. These bankruptcies not only impacted Trump’s personal wealth but also left employees and contractors unpaid.

Trump’s Numerous Business Bankruptcies: Trump’s various business ventures, including Trump Plaza Hotel and Trump Entertainment Resorts, have declared bankruptcy multiple times, leading to financial losses for employees and suppliers.

Trump Organization’s Legal Battles: The Trump Organization has been involved in numerous legal disputes, from contract breaches to employment discrimination cases, causing stress and financial strain for many employees.

Trump’s Acquittal After Impeachment Trials: The impeachment trials of President Trump in 2019 and 2021 polarized the nation. His acquittal in both trials led to further divisions among lawmakers and public backlash.

Trump’s Controversial Immigration Policies: Trump’s immigration policies, such as family separations at the border, created heart-wrenching stories of families torn apart and children held in detention centers.

Firings in the Trump Administration: The high turnover rate in the Trump administration, with officials being fired or resigning at an unprecedented rate, created instability and uncertainty within the government.

The Storming of the U.S. Capitol: Trump’s false claims of election fraud and his incitement of supporters led to the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. This event endangered lives and led to legal repercussions for…



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