In the year 2000, I decided to move from the Midwest to San Francisco. I was determined not to get trapped into a suburbia hell of shopping malls and fast food joints at every large intersection. I was looking for diversity, excitement, sun, scenery, and great weather! I found it in San Francisco, but I also learned about the Dot Com & real estate bubble.

I flew out to find a place to rent, easy enough, right? The first place I showed up at had 50 people in line for a 1-hour showing. People had credit applications and deposit checks…

Look, we get it. Life is hard, and it can be demonizing and tough to manage. Between being unsuccessful with your job, girlfriend or wife, or maybe even your kids, things can pile up. Perhaps you have tried therapy? I’m guessing not, though. Or how about calling a suicide hotline to calm yourself down? Heck, in today’s World, there are only a million apps and online therapy programs that you could use to talk yourself off the ledge.

But let’s say you tried all of this, and you still feel like you are at the bottom of a well. I…

When I was in charge of a sales team there were a lot of personalities to deal with and the job was to get the best out of each person. You can try to glamorize sales all you want but basically, if you are good at selling then you will make a lot of money. It does not matter if you are selling cars or some complicated cloud software product, sales are all the same thing and that is to convince the person you are talking to that you have the best product and support.

I have seen many salespeople…

Getting wealthy is not about being flashy, extravagant, or owning expensive things. Becoming wealthy should be boring…and that is a good thing! I retired at age 38 and am now approaching 50 years old. I have done non-profit work, investing, property investing, and other things of interest. If you want to be rich then I am going to give you the nonsexy version.

Every day there is some type of hype in articles, ads, etc. about making big money. Hell, Donald Trump has been doing it for years. All those people out there that are asking for your money to…

If you have followed my 5 part series you would understand the process, costs, and complexities it takes to buy, rehab, and rent a rental home. I am going to summarize the process and completion along with expenses so that you get a real understanding of what it takes to invest in property.

Summarizing quickly…I purchased a home in a downtown Tahoe town with great restaurants, walkability, and location. It is not a joke, location, location, and the location is huge with rental homes! I picked up the home for $510k right when Covid was freaking everyone out. I usually…

If you do not think this is not about politics, then you are wrong. Giving this election time to sink in with all the chaos involved, I’ve expected everything so far that has happened.

A certifiably crazy President…Check.

A group of supporters chanting “USA” yet not accepting Democracy…Check.

Fox News recycling the same lies told by the current Administration…Check.

But what really caught me off guard and just pissed me off was the 73 MILLION people that still voted for Trump. Almost half of our voting population voted for a liar. A cheat. A disillusioned personality. Of those 73M people…

My daughter turned 16 years old last year, and at that time my ex-wife and I knew we had an issue. Since 5th grade, we knew our daughter had mental health issues and were optimistic that we could tackle this problem head-on. Here we are today and we were wrong, which can be defeating.

A quick review, my daughter has been to three different schools since 5th grade. Each one was to help her concerning your social anxiety, OCD, depression, sensory, and regression issues. Most of these, you know but what is regression? Well, if she gets a thought in…

Or pick any of these cities…

Des Moines (214,000)
Rochester (205,000)
Tempe (161,000)
Tallahassee (158,000)
Savannah (128,000)
Shreveport (191,000)
Reno (203,000)
Spokane (196,000).

What If….what if one of those cities got wiped out. Let’s say over several months, the residents in one of these towns all died. Dead, gone…the city was empty. Do you think it would be acceptable to those that lived there? Do you think people in other parts of the country would be distraught or sickened by seeing an entire city just wiped out? …

My last update was early July, and am finally getting to my fourth update late September. Let me catch you up on where this rehab stands at this point.

Downstairs bathroom

August Landmesser refusing to Heil Hilter

You may or may not have heard the name, August Landmesser. He was a German Shipyard worker expelled from the Nazi Party for marrying a Jewish woman. Having two children, both growing up in an orphanage, his wife was imprisoned and eventually died. August was forced to fight and died in the war. Reading his story reminded me of our current political situation.

There is so much more to this person’s life, but what made him stand out was the fact that he stood out! On June 13th, 1936 standing with hundreds of ship-workers, he was the only person not…

Carter W.

I retired at 38, divorced at 41, and have been searching for self-fulfillment since. I have two incredible kids, a great running dog, and one awesome girlfriend

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